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Disclaimer:  This page is not affiliated with any of the groups herein cited or mentioned. The Webmaster is a private citizen with grave misgivings about the inevitable results of broadcasting hatred towards "liberals" et al 18 hours a day in three hour chunks. 

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(OK, it's "subliminal" but Mr. Bush says it the one way, so we don't want to confuse his followers by using proper English)

KVAL-TV in Eugene, Oregon broadcast the following 2 frame blip, on their August 12 5pm newscast covering John Kerry's visit to town, with some VERY pro-Bush reportage and tepid Kerry pieces. Between the weatherman and a Dr. Phil promo congratulating KVAL on 50 years, the "flash" was noticeable, but we had to SLOW IT DOWN frame-by-frame to see what it was:

What does this mean? We don't know. Subliminal advertising is illegal, and it's darned curious that this would air on the precise day that Kerry got to town. The original news story had aired the day before, but if it was an inadvertent "artifact" then why THIS aftifact and why on THIS day? 

NOTE: By "two frames" we actually mean 3 or 4 HALF FRAMES, since NTSC video runs 30 frames per second, but ACTUALLY contains 60 HALF FRAMES, from back in the days when the top of the cathode ray tube would have faded by the time the electron gun had scanned the entire 500 lines of screen display) This is the reason for the "three" frames shown. Our video camera was out of phase with the TV's scan and caught the "half frames"

If any media is interested in this, I can provide the videotape taken directly from my TIVO, but, based on past experience, the media ISN'T interested. And that is the point. They have been cowed into submission by the Hate Radio Jocks, or, in Michael Moore's term, the "Hatriots."



The Hate Radio jocks have rightly taken credit for the stolen election of 2000. What more wake up call do we require that it's either democracy and the Constitution, or else the Hate Jocks and their twisted vision of Amerika?

We have turned the other cheek while the Hate Jockeys (nearly all of whom identify themselves as Republicans) have engaged in full-scale indoctrination and brainwashing, libel and slander; and ALL progressive causes have suffered as a result.  The simple fact is that if you tell the big lie long enough, it will begin to be true to a certain number of people.

It is not enough to merely come up with talk show hosts of our own. We must raise the level of the national debate, and we must cleanse the airwaves of these "Talk Show Savants" who never lose an argument (because they control the microphone) who never run out of meaningful "facts" to buttress specious arguments, and who heap ridicule and calumny upon our ideals and beliefs without ever being called on it.


Now, the standard lie of the hate jockeys and their misguided followers is that we are censoring "free speech." Nothing could be further from the truth. Hate Radio is NOT free speech -- it is commercial speech, bought and paid for, controlled by the hate jock, the station managers and, finally, the advertisers.

Boycotting those advertisers is free speech in every sense of the word. The "boycott" was INVENTED in America as a way of expressing displeasure with merchants who were promoting hateful laws and taxes.

I believe passionately in the First Amendment, but I also believe in our RIGHT NOT TO SUPPORT the purveyors of hatred. 

In the service of this cause, I have posted a simple program of targeted boycotts that  CAN  WIN THE BATTLE OF THE AIRWAVES. The pilot program has begin, and we CAN make a difference in a very short period of time.

This program is totally legal, based on a long tradition of citizen activism, and affirms everyone's right to free speech, expression and political discourse. It also kicks the Michael Savages, the Ollie Norths, the Michael Reagans, the Michael Medveds, and, of course, the Rush Limbaughs off the air.

We can't afford another McCarthy era. We can't afford to remain silent in the face of this onslaught of dehumanizing, demonizing hatred.

Enough Hate-speak. Hate destroys. Hate kills. Hate corrodes. Hate Radio has got to go. Do you hear us, Rush?

You will soon.

(unless you're hitting the Oxycontin™ again.)

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